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We had a great clinic today! First, we warmed up with the classic Jumping Jakes and exercised with some Lunges. After doing an amazing job on the forehands, we did High knees and Butt kicks to work on cardio. Not yet done with the hard drills, we went straight into Star Jumps! Next, we taught backhands and emphasized more fine details like the chest turn. After a water break, we did Squat Jumps, and put everything together with the big drill where we shuffle, hit a forehand, shuffle, and then hit a backhand. After the big drill, we had fun with Worm Jakes and Simon Says. We played Would You Rather, and then learned more of the parts of the tennis court. After doing a good job on that, we let the kids run the clinic for the last few minutes and learned a new drill called ‘steps’! All in all, it was a fun clinic!


Today we had our first ever clinic! We started out with Jumping Jakes where we practice the Split step and Ready Position. After stretching out with the Knee Pulls exercise, we learned the forehand which is a very important stroke in tennis, and practiced them for some time. We then had some fun with the Frankensteins to go with the Halloween theme and warmed up even more with the Spider Jumps. After a quick water break, we learned the backhand which is another important stroke in tennis, and practice a lot on it. Following a fun exercise called Wormjakes, we put everything we learned together with a drill where we shuffle to the side, hit a forehand, split step, shuffle to the other side, and hit a backhand. The kids were tired after this, so we cooled down with arm circles, and played games such as Would you rather and Simon Says. Then we looked at a tennis court and learned the basic layout of it and ended things off with Count to 10!

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