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Tennessee Branch

Founded in Tennessee in the summer of 2022 by Michelle Lin, a current Junior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, the mission of Dublin TOP has spread across state lines and across the country. Working with a multitude of organizations and advisers, Dublin TOP is a student-led non-profit that focuses on the incentive of elevating this generation's youth through the use of tennis, specifically cost-free clinics intended to expose students K-5 to the sport. Research has shown the vast amounts of benefits that sports bring to children far and wide, and we could not have agreed more. With this, Michelle decided to implement the goals of DTOP in her home state: Tennessee. 

Getting Started

Please fill out the form linked to join the waiting list.


All equipment, from tennis balls to racquets, will be provided. 

Class Size

Class sizes will range from 15-20 kids. The ratio of coaches to students will be 1:5. 


Lessons will be held once every week or two weeks, depending on your location.  


Please fill out the form under "Getting Started" so we may hold clinics at the most accessible and appropriate locations. 


Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. 

Meet the Team 


Michelle Lin: Tennessee Branch Director & Founder

Hi! My name is Michelle Lin, and I am currently a Junior at Farragut High School. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to bringing the mission of Dublin TOP to Tennessee. I have played tennis since the beginning of middle school, and I now play competitively in USTA tournaments and on my high school Varsity team!

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